A few things about me:
My favorite time of day is morning. Especially weekend mornings, when it's quiet.
I've traveled to 29 countries on five continents. Hopefully more to come soon.
Drinks of choice: cappuccinos, ginger kombucha, and negronis.
The places I'm planning to visit next are Sweden and New Zealand.
Natural peanut butter on whole wheat toast is my cure for everything.
I chose the (relatively obscure) name of my blog partially because of its Latin roots.


Katherine Harris is a Northern California native with a background in Latin American politics and a serious case of wanderlust. Her interests include supporting sustainable food ventures, alimentary adventuring near and far, and cozying up with a good read.

Currently based in San Francisco, CA, Katherine graduated in Fall 2015 with a Master in Food Culture & Communications from the University of Gastronomic Sciences.