Katherine M. Harris

One week ago, I received a notification that my domain name was about to expire. Not to worry, I've got the auto-renew on lockdown.

But as tends to happen around both the day of my birth and the first/last day of the year, I took a look back in the KMH archives to consider where I've been since I started adding little bits of myself to this site way back in September 2015.

Floating around with fellow gastronomes at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in early 2015, I honed in on cultivating my identity as a writer. All my life, it's what I've loved to do, and there I was in a master's program for food culture and communication, after all. When acquaintances/colleagues asked, "What's your thing?" I said I was a writer. Work it, girl.

Still, as a student of the liberal arts, I heard (and still to this day hear) several little yet persistent voices inside my head saying, "You're a generalist. You're not an expert in anything. You can do a little bit of a lot of things." The other little yet perhaps more persistent voices on the other side of my head say, "You learn quickly. You adapt. You apply what you know and ask questions. You take notes. You write about it."

Somewhere in between those two (or two hundred) voices, I decided to go for it and begin "branding" myself as a writer. I registered this domain name (complete with my middle initial, to be extra fancy). I started pitching articles. I pitched myself into not one but two internships, plus a thesis. I lost this personal, introspective stuff though. The meandering writing. The stuff that is sort of like a blog but also really not because I think I will be proud to look back on the steps I took at this point in my life to cultivate my voice rather than talking about what I ate that day. I was writing for the sake of showing people that I could write to do more writing. Which is fine, because that meant there was actual STUFF on this site and not just meanderings.

These days, though, I'm in a different space (physically, emotionally, and professionally). I'm still writing, but I'm writing concise copy for signs, or for new products we're developing at work. I'm having a grand old time exploring the 10 Minute Egg prompts, sipping my coffee, typing away, giving everything a swift look over, and releasing it into the world. My perfectionist Virgo self just breathes and lets it all go.

So I'm tinkering. I'm experimenting with different forms of communication for me. It's a mix of stream of clear-eyed consciousness with sensitivity and an eye towards personal evolution mixed in. It's liberating and honest and true to what it feels like to be Katherine M. Harris in September 2017.

Stay tuned.