There is a sense of well-being in its aroma.

Soup. So simple. The simplest. 

As a single person living on my own, my dinners are rather haphazard. Sometimes it's a half of an avocado I didn't finish at lunch, some quinoa, an egg, and some salsa. (That really happened recently.)

Last Monday, though, I started to notice that the sun was going down earlier. Gone were the days of sitting on my porch at 8 PM reading or typing away. The equinox was approaching.

The antidote: soup, of course.

Though, not just any soup, coconut milk soup.

I am ongoingly on the fence about the purported life-changing health benefits of coconut milk and coconut oil. Do I think they will change my vibe, my life, and/or my skin? No, but as someone who rarely eats meat, I deeply enjoy the feeling of satiety that comes after indulging in something so fatty and nourishing. And if it's warm, rather than a cold smoothie, well then, we have changed the game.

Tucked away in a shopping center next to a local bank, is Thai Orchid, serving up coconut milk soup for gloomy days and grumbling bellies.

Or just Mondays.