I’m trying something new today. I’m going to use the 10 Minute Egg writing prompts to get me going for the day while I sip my coffee, instead of just browsing the interwebs reading food news for those same 10 minutes.


This fog! This summer fog! I thought Karl didn’t live here. Maybe this is Karl’s cousin, Carl. I allow myself to be baffled by Carl, even though I should know better, layering on my heavy sweaters that I regret a few minutes later zooming through town on my recently acquired bicycle, known to some as bumble bee.

I still haven’t quite mastered the gears, so I cruise a few blocks until I struggle to regain my momentum after engaging in what they call a “California stop” at the few stop signs there are in town.

(See, I knew I would get to bicycles eventually!)


By the time I get to my warehouse-y (not an adjective used lightly) office, I’m just glad I’ve made it, even though I have to struggle through the door with the keys and my reusable lunch bag (because I’m conscientious like that).

I throw down my keys on my (convertible standing) desk, unload, take off a layer, and begin the day.


I know Carl has nothing on Karl. I lived in the Marina for a brief few months and dragged myself out to Crissy Field for a morning run now and again, squinting into the mist, making myself into the most compact, aerodynamic, version of Katherine Harris.

But today I will not let Carl fool me, because I am looking out my side window, staring him down. I know better. I see the cracks in his facade. The cracks emerge around 11 AM, when I start to wonder what’s for lunch.