Restaurant // Restore

The light is changing.

At the risk of sounding like I watch Game of Thrones, "Winter is coming."

A few months ago, I began to make more of a concerted effort to listen to podcasts while meal prepping, pretending to fold laundry, or meandering on walks. One of the programs I tune into is Gastropod, a potent mix of food science, history, and culture.

In January of this year, the hosts considered the origins of the restaurant. Besides the connection between the Michelin tire company and Michelin stars awarded to fine dining institutions, they also explored root of the word itself.

"TWILLEY: And, actually, the weird thing is that the restaurant—it didn’t start out as a place to eat. Restaurant started out as the word for soup.

SPANG: The word “restaurant” is from the French verb se restaurer, meaning “to restore yourself.”

GRABER: And so a restaurant is a food you use to restore yourself—it’s a restorative.

TWILLEY: So like today’s bone broth—that’s a restaurant."

In the era of fast casual and Eater-induced hype, I feel that much more restored when I come into a restaurant that goes back to these roots. And really, this is quite rare. It is quite a special thing to feel comfortable but not too loose, taken care of but not pestered, challenged but not discouraged, or satiated but hungering for a little bit more – all in a public setting. 

So, I seek the restorative in the everyday too.

I make my own soup. I light a candle. I go to sleep early. I leave my phone behind. Seek the waves. Soak. Stretch. Accept the darkness. Await the light.