September is my favorite month.

Growing up, this statement was directly correlated to a dramatic increase in my consumption of banana cake from a shop in downtown Los Gatos.

September is a month for celebrations. My brother starts off the celebration with his birthday, then mine follows 6 days later, and then my parents’ wedding anniversary 5 days later. In Northern California, there’s usually splendid weather during this time, causing much confusion among East Coast acquaintances who want their riding boots and Barbour jackets and leaves, goddamit. 

Last year I threw myself a birthday party in my own house, complete with twinkly lights and votives and snacks. This is something I won’t tackle for a few more years. So a few weeks ago I adapted my strategy and co-threw myself a birthday party, not in my own house, but in the commune that is Dolores Park in San Francisco. There was a strong “BYOB” element and much fun in the sun.

September is a month for introductions. In all the celebration and excitement, I am at my most open, receptive, and social. I’ve forged new bonds, both personal and professional, that will continue to evolve with nourishing exchanges throughout the warm days and cool nights of early fall.

September is a month for growing. After tinkering around with what this site could or might possibly be, I decided explore it in bite-sized pieces and snatches of time, filled with run-on sentences and honestly. I’m learning more about what I want, charting a course (or several courses) headed that way, and writing it down. I’m shedding parts of myself and growing into new parts. 

It hasn’t been all fun and games, though. Throughout these last 30 days, my immune system was pushed to the brink, and lost a battle with some pesky germs in my lower right eyelid. (Gross, right?) In a constant state of high alert at work, my upper right eyelid started twitching. (Gross, right?) The more I pushed in the day, the more I retreated into self-care at night, filling up my tub with epsom salts, resting my eyes for acupuncture, or just saying no to overscheduling and taking a nap. 

Today I’m riding on all of this celebrating, introducing, and growing to shift towards what I call the soup/cozy/writing vibes. Last winter, I more like crashed into these vibes out of sheer exhaustion. This year, I’m more like cruising into them with the continual goal of discovering what is within and outside myself. 

I’m moving into October with a clear, calm, focused energy. Perhaps it’s all the essential oils I’ve been dabbing on my wrist in particularly intense moments, or the fact that I’ve given up coffee for a week and am embracing the gentle swings of my expression.

See you in 11 months, September.